the lethal text


The first emergence of Classical-Pagan occultism in England is seen in the reign of Elizabeth I (1533-1603), who ruled as the Virgin Queen from 1558 until her death. At least, this is where the phenomenon first obtrudes into the history books.

Through secret societies, such Classical-Pagan influence seeds and precipitates the English Renaissance, bypassing the dead hand of Church and State to belatedly find expression, flowering just when the country was struggling to to survive after a century of disintegration.

The Royal Astrologer and Mathematician, Sir John Dee (1527-1609), it is well known, was a deep occultist, the father of English Rosicrucianism and a sorcerer widely credited with summoning up the storm which shattered the huge invasion force heading for its shores in the form of the Spanish Armada, the largest fleet ever assembled.

The Tudor centralization necessitated the destruction of the English aristocracy as a power to rival the Crown’s…

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